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Kamikaze Life - Keine Götter Keine Herren T-Shirt -White-

  • Kamikaze Life Shirt \"Kamikaze Keine Götter Keine Herren\"

    Kamikaze Life, unsere T-Shirts kommen mit hochwertigen Prints und in TOP Qualität!

    Getreu nach unserem Motto \" Streetwear made for Revolution \" hier ein Knaller aus unserer neuen Kollektion das Shirt \" Kamikaze Keine Götter Keine Herren \" in weiß.

    • Top Qualität
    • Aus unserer neuen Kollektion


    • hochwertige Prints in HAMMER Farben
    • bequeme Passform

    Wasch- und Pflegehinweise

    • Bei 30 Grad auf links waschen
    • Nicht bleichen
    • Nicht im Trockner bearbeiten
    • Nicht chemisch reinigen


    • 100% Baumwolle


About Us

Since 2006 there is the Online Store Comet Coma . We have from the outset Streetwear sold which differs from the 0815 clothes and not so easy to come by in Germany . Still has done since its founding some , not only that we have received numerous new Labels / Brands 's how Hooligan Streetwear , Ed Stone , Surplus , Bleeding Star , VANS and many more , and the shop has in the meantime changed its owner . The founder and father of Comet Coma lacked just the time to make it due to grooming. And so we stand here today in a beautiful website with Clothing Made for Revolution T shirts trousers, skirts , hoodies through to jewelery for Ladies and Mans .

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