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Label 23


-superior sports brand-

In 2004, it was the time, in which the Streetwear sports Brand “LABEL 23” originally emerged. The Label addresses demanding and athletic customers. Through the philosophy of authentic wear with individual and innovative designs, Label 23 has developed to a well-respected brand.

The initials 2 and 3 are the trademark. The numbers symbolize the 2nd and 3rd letter in the alphabet and are the short version for “Boxing Connection”. Based on this synonym, the Label represents a connection in form of style.

The athletic character of the streetwear brand is reflected in design and modelling. A proper style as well as an athletic style of high quality characterize our Label.

Label 23 means, to push your environment and to resume the resume the daily fight with yourself. Losses are also a part on the road to success. Frustration, disappointment, self-doubt, depressions, hate & jealousy accompany yourself on this burdensome road, which poses a big challenge to us repeatedly.

Find your own way. However, do not forget, where you come from, the individuals along the way who contributed to your development and who stands by your side.

Label 23


About Us

Since 2006 there is the Online Store Comet Coma . We have from the outset Streetwear sold which differs from the 0815 clothes and not so easy to come by in Germany . Still has done since its founding some , not only that we have received numerous new Labels / Brands 's how Hooligan Streetwear , Ed Stone , Surplus , Bleeding Star , VANS and many more , and the shop has in the meantime changed its owner . The founder and father of Comet Coma lacked just the time to make it due to grooming. And so we stand here today in a beautiful website with Clothing Made for Revolution T shirts trousers, skirts , hoodies through to jewelery for Ladies and Mans .

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